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    I went to Aidan a few months ago feeling inadequate with not a lot of self confidence. I became quite uncomfortable in social situations and thought hypnotherapy might be for me. Aidan made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. He just guides you into a relaxed state and helps you find old beliefs that hold you back in life. It’s a really relaxing and positive experience. I was worried going in that there would be tears or anxiety while thinking about past events in my life- but it’s not like that at all. In fact, the most significant events in your life (the ones that cause the imprinting of your beliefs about yourself) are often the ones that seem like the most insignificant. I feel much more confident and relaxed in my day to day life now and I now know I have everything I need to become the person I want to be. So thanks again Aidan. You’ve been a great help!

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