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    I’m now in my forties and have suffered from social anxiety and blushing all my life. I always thought it was something I’d grow out of….but obviously not! I dread the school run to the extent that I don’t function normally and end up acting odd and avoiding mums I’d normally stop and chat with on a one to one basis. I blush when I make eye contact with men…and I work in a male-oriented industry. I can’t stand up to people who make bitchy comments because I’m so crushed by what they say. I feel like a disaster. Overall i try to hide it all but Id say people think im extremely weird. Could hypnosis help??



    The subconscious mind can be a cruel thing. Once a reaction to a situation becomes established in the subconscious then the subconscious repeats that response instinctively. Believe it or not all subconsciously motivated behaviour has at it’s root a positive intention. So at some level your subconscious believes it is doing the right thing.

    Using hypnosis you can access the subconscious and retrain your mind to behave in a different way. We can also engage in therapy to understand what originally caused the blushing then freeing you to live as a more confident person.

    Why not give me a call to arrange to drop in for a chat. I can explain everything in more detail and then you can make a fully informed decision if hypnotherapy with me is right for you.



    Yes, hypnosis helps to overcome from social anxiety. During a Social Anxiety hypnotherapy session, you may even visualize yourself at a party, confidently talking to a group of people, having a fantastic time. Hypnotherapy eases and relaxes the physical and the emotional feelings from the effects of the fight or flight reaction that includes the increase in the persons heart rate to push away the blood faster to the lungs, muscles and to the brain. Due to rapid breathing that increase the human oxygen levels, and as a result the muscles become tense and ready for battle and many unnecessary acts for fight or flight, such as incorporation or procreation, fixed or the end.



    i believe that hypnosis can help to overcome social anxiety. :roll:

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    i have a friend who tried it, and she says she feels better…

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