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    Hi Aidan,

    I passed you today on Baggot street and didn’t realise who you were until you had gone. The amazing thing is that in the month since I finished my hypnotherapy I hadn’t thought about it or you until last night. You suddenly popped into my head last night and then there you were on Baggot st. today. What a freaky coincidence

    You had said previously that you never approach clients on bumping into them on the street and if I chose not to acknowledge you,that was my prerogative. I actually didn’t see you til it was too late, otherwise I would have said hello.

    I say I had almost forgotten I had ever attended your clinic (which you warned me was also a possibility) because the worry and stress I was feeling in social situations has mostly been alleviated. I am less self conscious of every word that leaves my mouth and I care a little less if I make the odd minor faux pas in any social setting. I am going about my life much happier as a direct result of learning to be less self critical. I like myself much more now that I have given myself a break for only being human

    In short I feel much more free to be me, mistakes and all !

    I had originally attended your clinic because I was crippling myself with shyness and feelings of inadequacy particularly ,but not limited to, interview type scenarios . I feel much more confident as each day goes by that I can trust myself to project the right image during these types of situations.

    I recognise ,as you forewarned me, that the success of this kind of treatment relies on consistent "homework" for want of a better description. I can assure you I am committed to improving on and adding to the benefits that I feel have arisen directly from undergoing hypnotherapy treatment.

    Thank you for helping me, I truly appreciate the experience.

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