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    For most of my life I have suffered from bouts of ‘lows’ or depression and feelings of inadequacy. A friend recommended Aidan to me early in 2011. I saved his number but never called him.

    Over the past 3-4 Years I have attended 2 fully qualified psychotherapists and while these did sometimes bring short-term feelings of well being but they felt more like a ‘band-aid’ than a solution. In some cases I felt worse after sessions.

    I have just been through the worst year of my life, I was already under huge financial pressure with my own business due to the downturn and then a failed relationship in mid 2010 sent me over the edge. I spent 12 months in a complete blur, my business deteriorated further and no amount of ‘chats’ with old friends and despite having a loving & supportive family around me nothing could bring me out of the low I was constantly feeling. Negativity was repeating and repeating and I was spinning out of control. I was very close to losing everything I had worked so hard for and giving up altogether.

    I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but figured it was worth a go having already tried psychotherapy/counselling, getting very fit, travel/holidays, philosophy courses, endless self-help books/CDs and trying everything in my own power to get myself back together. As a last resort (before trying medication) and out of pure desperation I called Aidan Sloan to see if he could help. We met his premises and we chatted through what is involved and how the whole process works. Within 2 weeks I was feeling much better and for fear I thought it was a short-term gain I went back for a few more sessions to iron out some more of my issues. I can can only describe the transformation as monumental. I have a renewed sense of vigour and enthusiasm for life. All my negative feelings and depressed feelings have dissipated and I am currently in the process of rebuilding my business and looking forward to facing life head on!!

    As an outsider you may be reading this with an air of scepticism but, please believe me when I say this Hypnotherapy works!! – It has solved many of my problems and I feel like a new man!! For those of you currently feeling the pinch financially (as I am) I cannot recommend hypnotherapy enough – It was the best money I have ever spent on myself… It has not only made me a new man but may have even saved my life. In the last few weeks my friends keep asking me what has happened to me and why I am so happy? I know why!

    Regardless of your issue, give Aidan a call, he is a very personable chap and will take your case on board and trust me you will see results.

    To conclude, I would never normally post on a website to give feedback but I feel that I owe it to Aidan to let you all know what he is capable of and what a difference he has made to my life. Also, it may help someone else out there like me who could sees nothing positive in the present or future, only darkness. However, my present & future are very bright and so far I’m enjoying the journey

    Thanks Aidan – I owe you one!!


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