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    A few months ago, and after an renewed prescription for anti-anxiety medication to suppress the symptoms that I was feeling, I made a decision (which now appears wise) to seek an alternative course of action to deal with the symptoms of my condition. Through recommendation, I discovered Aidan Sloan and arranged a meeting to see if there was a way that he might help me to get to a level of understanding of my feelings and emotions that didn’t include the use of prescription drugs.

    Due to a lack of understanding of the hypnotherapy process (coupled with a mild cynicism) I met with Aidan to speak through the process, he instantly put my mind at ease and de-mystified the process whilst highlighting the benefits that would be achievable to me if I were to pursue the course.

    The following week I returned for my first session, I was now excited by and open to the healing process that would follow. Throughout the various sessions, my mind was opened to the strength that I had within me to not only cope with my fears but to deal with the root cause, to understand that I had to power to change my perceptions and subsequently the realities that I was experiencing. This to me (and it might sound cliched) was a life changing experience, I was now able to look at my fears and rationally explain to myself how to deal with them, all of this in just six short weeks! Having carried these anxieties with me since child-hood it was a revelation.

    As a support mechanism and also a voyage of self discovery my journey appeared to me to be a very short one, but one that will continue to have a positive impact not alone on myself but also on my family well into the future.

    So, thank you Aidan for the knowledge that you have given me and for the strength and clarity that this knowledge has brought…

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