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    I’ll keep this brief and to the point but please don’t let that detract for the simple fact that my time/treatment with Aidan completely turned my life around and gave me the tools I needed to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.

    Basically I had an increasing Hash addiction that spanned over ten years and my aim was to kick it. From my time with Aidan I quickly realized it was escape from other issues. I always thought it was the addiction that was holding me back but instead it was my issues that made me constantly seek escape through hash, my drug of choice.

    Thanks to Aidan I was able to calm the mind and get to know my own thoughts feelings and interactions. I was finally able to take control of my life. Incredibly I beat the addiction very easily once I began to tackle my personal issues.

    I now feel more at ease with myself. I still have issues to resolve but now feel confident and knowledgeable enough of my own thoughts to be able to deal with these issues myself and thus continue to grow after ten years of stagnation. Its an old cliche but Aidan helped me to help myself and for that I can’t thank him enough.

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