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    Hi Aidan,

    I didn’t know how to post a picture on your site so I’m emailing you one.
    They say a picture is worth 1000 words. So attached is a picture of me taken 2 weeks ago. I’m wearing the same skirt I wore the first time I came to visit you last October. Not only have I lost weight, I also feel so much more content and relaxed within myself. Thank you. For anyone interested I was a size 18, I’m now a size 12.


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    It is important that people understand I do not promote dieting or intense exercise as a short term solution to weight loss. I prefer that being slim and having a healthy body is the result of a permanent change a person decides to make in their life. The biggest problem with dieting is that once a person reaches their goal many people then revert back to their normal behaviour and their weight creeps back up again. Remember, if you continue to do the same thing you will continue to have the same results.

    My goal is to completely change how a person thinks about themself, their body and their lifestyle. When you change how you think, you change how you feel and how you behave will follow. You can embrace a new way of thinking about food and lifestyle to easily adapt your behaviour and belief about being slim. Many people struggle to actually believe they can be slim. When you change the way you think and start to believe it can happen your instinct is then to look for ways to help it happen.

    For many people the idea of losing weight immediately has associations with having tried and failed before, or the idea of a challenge, a struggle or what do I have to give up? or deprive myself of.

    I prefer to focus on the idea of a person "Taking Control". When you take control you are empowered; you make the choices. When you decide to take control it is a lot easier to embrace change. When you chose to take action it is far easier than having someone else set the regime and tell you what to do. And remember you are making these choices under hypnosis so they are far easier to embrace.

    Essentially I consider the process in 3 stages. Setting goals, building belief and removing any obstacles. The obstacles can range from bad habits or laziness to comfort eating etc. It is important to recognise any obstacles and remove them in order to ensure you can embrace a new way of thinking about your body and lifestyle.

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