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    On the self improvement page, Aidan says he can treat feelings of guilt. Maybe I will need to visit him for this as I promised to put up some feedback earlier this year and didn’t! So, apologies, but better late then never, I hope.

    Late last year, I felt like a zombie, going through the motions but feeling so stressed out over finances and work that I could barely function. There was more than that to it, but to be honest I have to struggle to remember what, so successful was the treatment!

    After my first visit with Aidan, I noticed a slight shift in my attitude, so did my wife. After my last visit (and I had 6 in total), I felt great. I felt able to deal with what life throws at me and I still do.

    So, if you are wondering or hesitant about hypnotherapy, and Aidan, don’t wonder, just go for it.

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