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    My experience has been great! I found the sessions with Aidan cleared up (and cleared out) so much old stuff and beliefs that I no longer need and are now redundant. I initially went to Aidan for one issue, but found that through my weekly sessions and my relaxation, I examined and worked on other things that came up for me…So, essentially, I got a thorough overhaul! Cars get an NCT every two years to clean up their insides and make sure they run in tip-top condition..and people?? Think about it!

    The way I figure it is this – people nowadays spend so much time and money on their cars, houses, clothes etc., when really the most important thing is your own self, and if you have that (relatively!) sorted then the rest just falls into place naturally. Without wishing to sound corny, YOU are the most important thing in your whole life, so why not be the best version of yourself?

    In short – I am much happier in myself, I find myself wandering about singing a song or laughing my head off for no reason, and generally, just being much more relaxed! People around me have commented that I’m much more at ease and content…Can’t be bad, eh?!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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