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    Before I went to Aidan, I developed a large anxiety towards exams. I would constantly underperform and fail exams. I was studying my first set of professional exams and failed 4 out of 5 exams.

    I heard about Aidan through a friend that he had previously helped. I had three weeks to my repeat exams and my job was pending the results. I felt the pressure was huge.

    I explained to him I was not good at exams even though I would put in a great amount of time and effort and I would constantly find myself blanking during the exams even though I had covered the information. I would get very over whelmed by the volume of all the information I had to understand and retain therefore leading me to my anxiety.

    In a short space of time, (3 weeks to my repeats) Aidan gave me the technique to remain calm for all situations that I was faced with, to organise myself mentally and to recall all the information I had studied.

    Without fully realising I was remaining calm in situations I was previously panicking in and I was retaining information and recalling it when I required it.

    I ended up passing the 4 repeat exams. I continued my professional exams for the next 2 years. Every year I would meet Aidan again for a few sessions before I sat the next set of exams. In total I have passed 12 exams in a row without repeat.

    I am so grateful to Aidan, as I now have a professional qualification. The techniques I have developed, have allowed me to achieve something 4 years ago I thought was not possible. I do fully believe the pharse, "what the mind believes the mind will achieve."

    Thank you so much again Aidan.

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