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    Above is the link to my original question.
    I cannot express how happy I am with the outcome. I was able to completely deflect all the comments and free myself from the negative thinking and insecurities this guy was able to stir up in me.

    I did have to resort to a stragtegy given to me but only as a last resort when the bully tried to escalate the intimidation when he saw that I was beginning to ignore him and be immune to his taunts. Aidan had warned me this was a possibility. He spent the last month of term singing a chorus of "you can’t touch this" every time I was in ear shot. Funny thing is my reaction was completely different and his stupid behaviour was just becoming irritating. As promised, only as an absolute last resort, I used a strategy Aidan showed me that completely stopped him in his tracks. I clearly stunned him and without thinking he told me to F*** off. I told him to accompany me to my office where I took control. I told him I was aware that I had struck a nerve and we should shake hands and agree that he return after the summer holiday and give up on his campaign to make me look foolish. I felt empowered. What an outcome.

    Thank you so much Aidan

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