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    Coffee girl

    For the last 15 years I have been self-employed, at times employing up to eight people in the media business. Even during a disasterous marriage I have always managed to stay positive and focussed at work, keep my business going and maintain a comfortable standard of living. Last year was different. For some reason I felt emotionally broken, tired and started to not even care whether I made a living or not. This resulted in very serious financial problems and stress.

    At one level I knew it was down to me to put food on the table and pay my bills, but even that couldn’t motivate me to get into gear. It was as though the more I needed to earn money, the less I tried, and the more I let myself sink further and further into financial trouble, felling sort of ‘frozen’ and unable to get proactive about work. The last straw came when I couldn’t pick up the phone to even arrange sales appointments with clients.

    I turned to Aidan Sloan in November 2011 with no expectations of a ‘magic cure’ or how hypnotherapy was supposed to work. I didn’t want to go to a doctor for tablets and I didn’t want to go to someone who was going label me with a disorder or as depressed. I know what I am capable of doing on a good day, I just wanted someone to help kick start me and give me belief in myself again.

    All I can say is WOW. I don’t know exactly how my sessions worked because it all seemed so relaxing and easy, but some radical shift definitely happened. With my confidence regained I started to put a plan together for a business idea I had been thinking about for a few years but in the past I just didn’t think I could make it happen. Suddenly I now had belief in myself, drive and determination to succeed.

    Today my project has me discussing deals with worldwide corporations, dealing directly with high-level decision makers. I have an absolute belief in myself and my product and am selling with genuine passion and enthusiasm – and my new project is being extremely well-received, which is spurring me on to do more and more. It is the EXACT OPPOSITE of getting stressed about finances and therefore avoiding doing anything to improve things.

    This morning I have been invited to America to discuss a possible link up with some people over there that are very interested in the work project. I don’t know if anything will come of it but there is one thing for certain, I am in a very different place to where I was last November before going to see Aidan Sloan.

    Thank you Aidan.

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