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    For anyone considering hypnotherapy as a method of ridding yourself of your demons, or finally packing away the baggage you have been carrying for years, I highly recommend this guy :D

    For me, in six short (and sometimes very emotional) weeks, my life has changed.

    Having spent many years on anti-depressants, and many hours at different types of counselling, I found this method to be so easy. Counselling left me drained and locked in thoughts of the past. Hypnotherapy left me refreshed, peaceful and almost in a hurry to start finally living my life!!!

    The method in which the sessions are carried out is so relaxing, you are losing your baggage without even noticing it….and Aidan is so non-judgemental, but not lacking in empathy, that there is no fear.

    So for me, finally, 30+ years of hurt is gone…..and the freedom to live and enjoy my life now is such an amazing feeling.

    So, thank you Aidan… are one of a kind!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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