Self Esteem

I went to Aidan a few months ago feeling inadequate with not a lot of self confidence. I became quite uncomfortable in social situations and thought hypnotherapy might be for me. Aidan made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. He just guides you into a relaxed state and helps you find old beliefs that hold you back in life. It’s a really relaxing and positive experience. I was worried going in that there would be tears or anxiety while thinking about past events in my life- but it’s not like that at all. In fact, the most significant events in your life (the ones that cause the imprinting of your beliefs about yourself) are often the ones that seem like the most insignificant. I feel much more confident and relaxed in my day to day life now and I now know I have everything I need to become the person I want to be. So thanks again Aidan. You’ve been a great help!



Aidan has given me freedom to be myself. I have started on a journey knowing that it is good to be me! Aidan is very patient and kind. He explains every step of the hypnosis in great detail from the outset. From the hypnosis I have noticed differences (for the better) in how I approach situations in my professional and personal life. I am looking at life in a more positive and happy way. I am ready to continue my journey and looking forward to what is on the road ahead. I would very much recommend Aidan as a hypnotherapist!



I would like to thank Aidan for all his work, patience, enthusiasm and helping me on my journey on discovering some aspect of myself, healing the past and looking at stress and anxiety in a different way. I may not be totally healed but I can now look at my future knowing that I have all that I need inside to make the changes needed for my own growth, peace of mind and deal with stress/anxiety differently. I would highly recommend Aidan as a hypnotherapist!!


Social Anxiety

Hi Aidan,
I passed you today on Baggot street and didn’t realise who you were until you had gone. The amazing thing is that in the month since I finished my hypnotherapy I hadn’t thought about it or you until last night. You suddenly popped into my head last night and then there you were on Baggot st. today. What a freaky coincidence
You had said previously that you never approach clients on bumping into them on the street and if I chose not to acknowledge you, that was my prerogative. I actually didn’t see you until it was too late, otherwise I would have said hello.
I say I had almost forgotten I had ever attended your clinic (which you warned me was also a possibility) because the worry and stress I was feeling in social situations has mostly been alleviated. I am less self conscious of every word that leaves my mouth and I care a little less if I make the odd minor faux pas in any social setting. I am going about my life much happier as a direct result of learning to be less self critical. I like myself much more now that I have given myself a break for only being human
In short I feel much more free to be me, mistakes and all !
I had originally attended your clinic because I was crippling myself with shyness and feelings of inadequacy particularly, but not limited to, interview type scenarios. I feel much more confident as each day goes by that I can trust myself to project the right image during these types of situations.
I recognise, as you forewarned me the success of this kind of treatment relies on consistent “homework” for want of a better description. I can assure you I am committed to improving on and adding to the benefits that I feel have arisen directly from undergoing hypnotherapy treatment.
Thank you for helping me, I truly appreciate the experience.


Weight Loss Journey

I went to see Aidan about weight loss but it turned out to be very emotional and heart wrenching journey for me. I had bottled but never dealt with serious matters that happened to me in my teenage years.
I reached a point in life when I realised that I was holding back, I was unhappy yet I was still convincing myself that everything is fine and that’s how things are meant to be for me but deep down I knew that wasn’t true and I needed to do something once and for all, I needed help and ‘push’ forward on many levels. I explored various avenues and all provided some help but not kind I needed…They scratched the surface but didn’t reach beyond and that’s how I came across hypnotherapy and Aidan Sloan…my god, was he blessing sent from above…I was anxious at first and had preconceived opinion of what might happen during the therapy but after speaking and meeting with Aidan those views were quickly banished.
At all times Aidan was encouraging but not intrusive, his demeanour and professionalism only made it easier to open up and share the thoughts, the feelings the fears.
Were there tears?? Plenty!! Did I want to give up?? Absolutely!! But not as much as I wanted to succeed and free myself from ties that were holding me back.
Before I went to see Aidan I had a goal and that was to lose a stone in weight, but now am two stone lighter (yes 2 stone!!) am happier, healthier and emotionally stronger than ever before. Once emotional barriers were lifted pounds ‘melted’ easily, compliments are pouring from friends, relatives, colleagues on a daily basis and even from people that you wouldn’t think would ever notice things light weight on another person, but there you have it, life is full of surprises and sure as hell I am enjoying it all.

6 months on and I feel I should have written this sooner but in a way its good thing and it just proves that hypnotherapy and time spent with Aidan wasn’t temporary and short-lived ‘fix’. The feel good factor and change in lifestyle is still very much part of me. I am more focused and determined than ever before but above all I believe in myself. And sometimes all you need is belief, the inner strength and everything else follows through.
If I painted the picture that it’s easy to go and see Aidan, it is not!!! You have to be ready and prepared to let go of your old self and embrace your new you, life will never be the same. But its for the better and who could complain about that??
What else to say other than if you are in any doubt and need help, no need to hesitate, give Aidan a call you will be pleasantly surprised.
One final thing, huge, massive thank you Aidan for your help, patience, understanding, kindness. You really are an amazing person and I’ll be forever grateful..

War Survivor