Stop Smoking

Many people ask if hynotherapy can make me quit smoking in one session. While this is possible it is important to understand is one session to stop smoking does not mean one hour. These sessions can last up to nearly 3 hours. Experience has shown me that there is far more success if it is split into two sessions.

I offer a free follow up if my client is still smoking after two weeks. In the past 10 years only 2 people have contacted me for the follow up. Does this mean I have a very high success rate? I cannot make that claim but statistics would suggest there is.

It is important that a smoker wants to quit smoking for their own reasons, not because “the kids are nagging me” or “my doctor told me I have to”. The smoker must want to stop smoking. And remember hypnosis is not magic. The cigarette companies add addictive chemicals in order to create an addiction. You still have to go through the process of the body cleansing itself.

My principle is to create a powerful motivation so my clients are determined to stay smoke free for one week. During those few days they immediately notice positive changes such as reduced heart rate and improved sense of taste and smell. After one week the body no longer has the addictive chemicals so we are simply breaking a habit. This is a lot easier when your body is no longer craving “a fix”.